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Room Instyle

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Your furniture in a new light

What does
Interior ReDesign offer?

We always strive to redesign a room as much as possible with items you already own. You can often make a massive difference with just minor modifications. Using your own furniture and accessories you love helps create spaces that work perfectly, feel great, and fully reflect your personality.

This is why I "shop" among your possessions rather than buy new things, and help you stage treasured objects with their precious memories. You decide which pieces you would like to reuse and which need replacing. I am always happy to assist you in finding new objects you may be looking for.

As an added bonus, interior redesign is not only gentle on your budget but also on the environment, because it uses fewer resources and produces less waste.
So why not give it a try?


About me

I worked as an international PR consultant for over 20 years and used my skills in English and French to provide consultancy services to a wide range of people and companies. In everything I do, combining individuality and communication has always been an important aspect.

I drew the energy for this highly demanding task from my home. A place of retreat where, ideally, we can relax and truly just be ourselves.

In addition to numerous moves, my genuine interest and enthusiasm for designing new spaces led me time and again to furniture stores, DIY shops, international magazines and global Internet portals. A time-consuming commitment that nevertheless gave me great pleasure.

I have made this passion my profession with qualified training and coaching at the DGHR (German Association for Home Staging and ReDesign). Today, as a certified redesigner, I have the chance to pass on the expertise of many years to my clients.

It is particularly important for me to create a connection between spaces and individuality. I see myself as a source of inspiration and advisor for a harmonious room concept. And, for me as a redesigner, a feel-good atmosphere coupled with sustainability is very close to my heart. This makes for a matchless symbiosis.

I look forward to welcoming you!


Feeling good with colours

Colour consulting

Colours play a major role in our lives. Within our own four walls especially, they have a tremendous influence on our mood.

Maybe you'd just like to spice up a room with colour?

Or you're looking for the right colours to set an attractive accent?

Perhaps you are longing for a new harmonious colour scheme in your home?

We can't escape the effect that colour has on us, which is why I'm happy to advise you on the right palette, taking your colour preferences into account.


A rewarding project

Declutter coaching

Over the course of my interior redesign projects, clients have repeatedly shared the following sentiments with me:

"A good clear-out is well overdue", "What on earth can I do with all this junk?", "The kids' room is bursting at the seams, but I don't know where to put all their stuff", "The cellar is jam-packed; we don't have any more room."…

Does that sound familiar?

I will gladly help you to achieve the order you desire.

Shopping Service

In many cases, people don't have the time to study comparative offers in detail, especially on the Internet. And sometimes there is uncertainty about which furniture to choose.

Whatever your concern, feel free to contact me. I offer the following services:

  • Internet research
  • Assistance and advice with your purchases
  • Creation of mood boards


Customer's requirements and task:

A couple wanted to buy a new cabin bed for their 12-year-old son that would fit perfectly in the sloping ceiling of the room. In addition, the storage system should be reorganised and the child’s preferred wall colour taken into account.


  • Research into a suitable cabin bed with the required dimensions
  • Integration of existing furniture and accessories
  • Consultation on and design of a new storage system
  • Colour scheme in the preferred blue, incorporating a "sleeping and learning island"

The project was implemented in a combined package consisting of consultation on colour and interior redesign as well as decluttering coaching.



Customer's requirements and task:

When our clients moved into a new flat, the spacious master bedroom appeared rather drab and unwelcoming. It lacked charm and atmosphere, and they wanted to make it more modern and sophisticated.


We started by "shopping at home", selecting suitable decorations and accessories for the walls and bed. After an in-depth consultation, additional accessories such as cushion covers were purchased to round off the appearance. Finally, a wall behind the bed was given a colourful accent to create an inviting ambiance.

Consultation on interior redesign and colour was implemented here.


Get in touch


Contact me by phone: 
Tel. 0151 281 155 08 or email: ck@roominstyle.de and arrange an initial consultation.


We will discuss your wishes and develop a concept together.


This involves combining existing and maybe also new furniture with accessories and, if desired, adding a touch of colour.